Coaching Swimming Successfully

Dick Hannula

Over the course of a distinguished coaching career, Dick Hannula led his high school teams to 24 consecutive state championships, was a two-time president of the American Swim Coaches Association, and is a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Hannula shares more than 50 years of coaching experience and knowledge in Coaching Swimming Successfully.

With input from successful U.S. and international coaches, Hannula presents the latest stroke improvements for greater efficiency and speed as well as new instruction on underwater dolphin kicking techniques. Full practice plans help coaches accomplish more in each training session.

Veteran and beginning coaches will learn how to motivate swimmers, become better communicators, and be prepared for the challenges of competitive meets. Hannula reveals his personal coaching philosophy and helps coaches develop their own code of ethics as they build a winning swimming program in and out of the pool. Detailed advice on how to evaluate swimmers’ performances in practice and in competition, as well as the entire swim program, makes this the complete guide to coaching the sport.

No matter where you coach, Coaching Swimming Successfully will be the guide you refer to season after season.

About the Author

Dick Hannula is one of the winningest high school and club coaches in the history of swimming, having racked up the longest high school undefeated streak on record, undefeated in 323 consecutive meets—including 24 consecutive Washington state high school boys’ swimming championships. He is also one of the most respected coaches in swimming, having coached or consulted with teams from high school to the Olympic level. Hannula is a former multiple-term president of the American Swimming Coaches Association and a former vice-president of the World Swimming Coaches Association. He is a member of both the American Swim Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame and the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Hannula resides in Tacoma, Washington.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Developing a Swimming Coaching Philosophy
Chapter 2 Communicating Your Approach
Chapter 3 Motivating Swimmers
Chapter 4 Building a Swimming Program

Chapter 5 Basic Principles in Teaching Stroke
Chapter 6 Dolphin or Butterfly Kick
Chapter 7 Crawl Stroke
Chapter 8 Backstroke
Chapter 9 Breaststroke
Chapter 10 Butterfly

Chapter 11 Planning
Chapter 12 Preparation for Practice

Chapter 13 Preparation for Meets
Chapter 14 Handling Meets

Chapter 15 Evaluating Swimmers’ Performances
Chapter 16 Evaluating your Program
Words of Praise

”A very thorough book on all parts of the sport of swimming. Each section is filled with helpful tips and reminders.”

Nort Thornton
Two-time NCAA national champion
Head coach of men’s swimming, University of California at Berkeley

"With Coaching Swimming Successfully, coaches at all levels can benefit from the wisdom of one of the greatest coaches our sport has ever known. I encourage you to read and learn from this valuable book. It’s a great source of information and insight for coaches and their swimmers."

Skip Kenney
Six-time NCAA Coach of the Year
Head coach of men’s swimming, Stanford University

"Organized and succinct, this book will benefit all coaches who read and study it."

Peter Daland
President American Swim Coaches Association
Former USC Head Men’s Swimming Coach

"Coaching Swimming Successfully is an excellent teaching tool for coaches and swimmers, but more importantly, it speaks to the art of coaching. A must for all swimming coaches."

Jill Sterkel
Head Women’s Swim Coach
University of Texas at Austin

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