The Swim Coaching Bible Vol II



For more than a decade, top coaches have turned to one resource time and time again. Collecting the wisdom, insights, and advice from the sport’s legendary instructors, The Swim Coaching Bible immediately established its place in the libraries of swim coaches around the globe.

Coaches, it’s time to make room alongside that classic for a new resource! The Swim Coaching Bible, Volume II, picks up where the original left off, providing more instruction, guidance, and expertise on every aspect of the sport.

Inside, you’ll learn the secrets, strategies, and philosophies of 27 of today’s most successful coaches, including these legendary leaders:
  • Jack Bauerle
  • George Block
  • Mike Bottom
  • Bob Bowman
  • Sid Cassidy
  • John Urbancheck
  • Bill Rose
  • Vern Gambetta
  • David Durden
  • Brett Hawke
  • Gregg Troy
  • John Leonard
  • Dick Shoulberg
  • David Marsh
  • Teri McKeever
  • Bill Sweetenham

From developing swimmers to building a winning program, teaching the nuances and refining stroke techniques to applying the latest research to training and conditioning programs, it’s all here.

Endorsed by the World Swimming Coaches Association, this new collection is another landmark work in competitive swimming. If you coach the sport or want a competitive edge, The Swim Coaching Bible, Volume II, is a must-own.

Table of Contents

Part I Establishing Priorities
Chapter 1 Developmental Stages of Competitive Swimmers
John Leonard

Chapter 2 From Youth to Senior in Competitive Swimming
Bill Sweetenham

Chapter 3 Putting the We in Team
Jack Bauerle

Chapter 4 Mastering Swimming Through the Years
Bob Miller

Chapter 5 Building a Team in a Disadvantaged Area
Jim Ellis

Part II Leading Your Program to Its Full Potential
Chapter 6 Applying Science to Your Coaching
Jan Prins

Chapter 7 The X Factor Revisited
George Block

Chapter 8 Planning for Success
Stephan Widmer

Chapter 9 Making Your Program Fun for Swimmers
Bob Steele

Part III Teaching Stroke Technique
Chapter 10 Trends and Techniques in Freestyle
Mike Bottom

Chapter 11 Trends and Techniques in Backstroke
Teri McKeever

Chapter 12 Trends and Techniques in Butterfly
Bob Bowman

Chapter 13 Trends and Techniques in Breaststroke
Nort Thornton

Chapter 14 The Fifth Stroke: Underwater Kicking
Bob Gillett

Chapter 15 Better Starts, Turns, and Finishes
Dick Hannula

Part IV Training for Optimal Performance
Chapter 16 The Art of Training Sprinters
David Marsh and Bill Pilczuk

Chapter 17 Middle Distance Training for All Strokes
Jon Urbanchek

Chapter 18 Freestyle Distance Training
Bill Rose With Mike Lewis

Chapter 19 Training for Open Water
Sid Cassidy

Chapter 20 Individual Medley Training
Gregg Troy

Chapter 21 Training for Relays
David Durden

Chapter 22 Dryland Training
Vern Gambetta

Chapter 23 Power Training in the Pool
Dick Shoulberg

Part V Final Touches for Peak Performance
Chapter 24 Positive Communication, Positive Results
Lanny Landtroop

Chapter 25 Mind Over Body in Competition
Brett Hawke


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