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Publications by some of the world's leaders in swimming technique, physiology, biomechanics, nutrition and land training.  Invaluable resources for swimming coaches and teachers.
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Championship Swim Training book by Bill Sweetenham and John Atkinson
Complete Guide to Primary Swimming book by John Lawton
Heart Rate Training - Second Edition
High Performance Swimming - Alan Lynn
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook 6th Edition
Periodization Theory and Methodology of Training
Science and Practice of Strength Training-3rd Edition
Stronger Abs and Back book by Dean Brittenham & Greg Brittenham
The Swim Coaching Bible book by Dick Hannula and Nort Thornton
Swimming - Alan Lynn
Swimming - Alan Lynn
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Swimming Anatomy book by Ian McLeod
The Swim Coaching Bible Vol II
The Swimming Drill Book by Ruben Guzman
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