High Performance Swimming - Alan Lynn

Based on cutting-edge practices advocated by leading experts, this invaluable book guides the reader through the technical and scientific aspects of high performance swimming and provides information about the programmes and practices of elite coaches and swimmers.

The following essential areas are covered: Coaching elite swimmers, with attention being paid to: the humanistic style of coaching; what swimmers want from their coaches; the worldwide competition calendar; and the threat posed by doping All aspects of training preparation for high performance with reference to: periodization in the context of quadrennial planning; specific event training, including sample programmes and sessions; altitude training; and the use of specialized equipment Support systems and the myriad of support services available to today's top swimmers The physiological aspects of performance, including best practice in test sets and protocols from across the world Effective techniques and the technical developments that need to be adopted to maximize success across the strokes and events Technology and tactics, race analysis data, and the race strategies of champions Ergogenics and swimsuit technologies Competition psychology, the factors involved in peaking for high performance, mental preparation and mental skills development How to approach major championship meets with a consideration of travel, jet lag and 'coping strategies'

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