About the Product

(Formerly Swimming Drills for Every Stroke)

Technique is critical in swimming performance. In the pool or open water, coaches and athletes alike know that efficiency in entering the water and in moving through it equates to milliseconds of improvement—milliseconds that make all the difference in a competition.

That’s where The Swimming Drill Book continues to deliver. The first edition quickly became the best-selling drill book in the sport. Now, this second edition ups the ante with more drills, new variations, and expanded coverage to help every swimmer.

Inside, you’ll find more than 175 drills for refining strokes, correcting faults, and improving your feel for the water. In addition to mastering all four competitive strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly—you’ll learn the essentials of body position, sculling, starts, turns, and finishes. You’ll even find all-new coverage of open-water drills and strength band workouts to be performed poolside.

See for yourself why The Swimming Drill Book is on the shelf of every serious swimmer and coach. It delivers every stroke, every skill, and everything you need for swimming success.

Improve your times by improving your technique! Whether you are a competitive swimmer, coach, triathlete, or dedicated fitness enthusiast, The Swimming Drill Book will propel you to better results by maximizing efficiency in the water.

With 128 highly effective drills, expert instruction, and more than 375 detailed illustrations, you can use this comprehensive resource to improve every facet of your swimming. Establish a greater sense of balance and position in the water; maintain perfect form for the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly; and master the techniques for starts, turns, and finishes. Use the drills individually or create a personalized program based on your goals and fitness level. Either way, the tools you need are within your grasp.

Dive into The Swimming Drill Book and see fast results!

About the Author

Ruben Guzman, a United States Swimming (USS) coach for age-group swimmers, has coached swimming for more than 25 years at the summer recreational, high school, collegiate, and competitive year-round (USS) levels. Some of Guzman’s swimmers have advanced to nationals and the Olympic Trials. Having served as the stroke specialist for the California Capital Aquatics team, Guzman has worked closely with head coach Mike Hastings, an assistant coach for the 1992 United States Olympic team.

An expert on the mechanisms of the human body, Guzman has trained in physics, kinesiology, anatomy, education, and behavioral changes. He has a master’s degree in public health and is also a health promotion specialist, consultant, and speaker. Guzman currently serves as the head coach at Cosumnes River Aquatics in Sacramento, California, where he also lives. When he’s not coaching or swimming, he enjoys snow skiing and playing basketball and tennis.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Body Position and Buoyancy
Chapter 2. Breathing and Kicking
Chapter 3. Sculling
Chapter 4. Backstroke
Chapter 5. Freestyle
Chapter 6. Breaststroke
Chapter 7. Butterfly
Chapter 8. Freestyle and Backstroke Turns
Chapter 9. Other Turns and Finishes
Chapter 10. Starts

Words of Praise

"The Swimming Drill Book comes closest to being the most complete package I have seen on expedients and methods for teaching and correcting stroke techniques. This practical and dedicated body of work can be adapted to the specific needs of both experienced and beginner coaches and swimmers, and it will prove to be a valuable contribution to the sport.

Cecil Colwin
Member of International Swimming Coach Hall of Fame, author, and swimming historian

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